Lanyards for Safe Keeping of Your Keys and Key Chains

A user may have a few keys of his or her apartment, vehicle, workplace or others in possession. However, they have notorious habits of being lost more often than not. For instance; a user might have opened a closet or drawer and have inadvertently left the keys there. Or the user might have dropped the keys without knowing while locking the door of his or her house. Such contingencies can be easily averted if the key or keychain is attached with lanyards to user’s body.

Just like the identity cards, badges, cell phones, and earphones, the key or key chains can also be attached with lanyards around the neck or wrist while keeping the keys concealed inside the pocket. Pickpockets trying to steal away them will find it difficult being attached to the rope or cord as the user will instantly know that someone is trying to play mischief.

That is why like the key chains and holders, lanyards can also make great promotional gift for any person. Numerous industries and entrepreneurs use them in form of free gift for their valued customers and sponsors distributing them on occasions or exhibitions of any type.

And if the lanyards are decorative, it could be candidate for prolonged use by the recipient keeping the name or image of donor alive in memory through the message or logo imprinted on them.